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Elite Community for Actors/Actresses
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Welcome to actors_elite, an elite community for actors and actresses. Every two weeks a new challenge will be posted. The rules for each challenge will be listed in the challenge post. To enter, just make a new entry with the icons you wish to submit. You may make up to 4(four) and, unless otherwise stated, they must be out of character. Don't post your icons anywhere until the challenge is complete. Animation is not allowed. You must be a member to participate, and you must apply for membership as this is an elite community. The application can be found on the main page. If you do not want to participate, you can always watch the community so that you can vote and such. Also, a weekly graphics roundup will be posted every Sunday where members can share their graphics with the community.
Your mods are lauraelizabeth9 and jussy_baby.
If you'd like to be a co-mod, click here.
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